Monitor JavaScript Tags

Keep track of third-party scripts running on your websites.

Websites are reliant on JavaScript tags, often from third-party vendors. To understand your website risks you need to have a clear picture of the different connections and evaluate vendors carefully. Easily track and monitor the scripts used across your websites with Halo Security.

  • Error codes
  • Geolocations
  • Script changes
  • Associated apps
  • Protocols

See how to easily monitor your scripts across your websites with Halo Security (formerly TrustedSite Security) in this 3-minute video.

Use Cases

Using third-party scripts means you trust that the script’s developer hasn’t inserted malicious functionality into the code and has secured it against attackers trying to do the same. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case so third-party scripts can pose significant security risks.

  • Maintain an up-to-date inventory of scripts

    People are changing what’s on the website. How can you be sure it’s secure if you don’t know what’s there?

  • Ensure third-party risk is appropriately managed

    Third-party risk management requires knowing what third-parties you manage. Website scripts often reference third-parties that have not been vetted.

  • Ensure secure script implementation

    Make sure that all third-party scripts are implemented securely via HTTPS.

  • Make sure data flow maps are up-to-date

    Detect unexpected connections that can indicate data flowing to unapproved locations.

  • Detect potential second-order domain takeovers

    Identify scripts being hosted on domains that are no longer active that could potentially be taken over by a threat actor.

  • Detect Magecart-like attacks by knowing when scripts change

    You can be alerted when the content of particular scripts change, and always see the full source and history of the script.

Part of our complete attack surface management solution.

The Halo Security platform gives you the tools you need to manage and monitor your external assets across vendors, organizational units, and subsidiaries.

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