Use Cases

External Vulnerability Management

Halo Security automatically scans for vulnerabilities across your internet-facing assets to help you identify, prioritize, and remediate your issues with ease.

Agentless Scanning
Continuous Asset Discovery
Risk-based Prioritization
Expert Support

Modern infrastructure requires modern vulnerability management.

Traditional vulnerability solutions were designed for traditional networks. Halo Security takes the attacker’s perspective to help you identify external vulnerabilities across clouds, third-party providers, and organizational silos.

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Discover your assets

Know what's exposed.

Traditional vulnerability scanning solutions rely on you entering the IP addresses you want to scan. But what about the assets you’re not aware of?

Like an attacker or experienced penetration tester, Halo Security starts by identifying the assets you own to ensure you have full visibility into your external vulnerabilities.

Find your issues

Uncover risks
beyond CVEs.

Our advanced scanners automatically detect server vulnerabilities, application flaws, and modern cloud configuration issues.

  • Find out-of-date software and misconfigurations (CVEs) with Server Scanning.
  • Find OWASP Top 10 security risks, like SQL injections and cross-site scripting with Application Scanning.
  • Identify issues like subdomain takeovers, domains for sale, forgotten projects, and misconfigured cloud services.
Prioritize your issues

See what matters most.

The rich data we collect brings you the context you need to better prioritize issues across your internet-facing assets.

  • Prioritize issues using severity ratings and the Known Exploited Vulnerability (KEV) catalog.
  • Easily filter issues by target, technology, website, location, and more.
Fix your issues

Get straightforward remediation advice from experts ready to help.

  • See details and clear remediation guidance on every issue that’s detected.
  • Easily assign and track remediation progress.
  • Connect with our US-based support team straight from your dashboard.
Measure & Report

Celebrate your progress.

Measure and report on your external risk posture, while prioritizing the issues that matter most.

  • Track the security posture of targets, dynamic groups of targets, and your full attack surface with risk scores.
  • Generate PDF reports perfect for your compliance initiatives.
  • As a PCI DSS Approved Scanning Vendor, we provide an easy-to-use and integrated compliance solution.

Built for your workflow.

We offer agentless scanning and single-pane-of-glass visibility out of the box. But we also make it simple to move your data where it makes sense for you.

  • Cloud connectors automatically bring new asset details into the Halo Security platform.
  • Workflow integrations make it easy to get Halo Security data into the tools your team already uses.

Get much more than a product demo.

Let us show you a complete picture of your external attack surface. Our agentless, non-invasive technology allows us to bring you actionable insights from your very first demo.

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