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Assess your attack surface security strategy with an expert.

With Halo Security, you’ll have access to experts that will customize our services to fit your business needs and make your attack surface more secure.

The internally and externally managed cloud infrastructure solutions utilized by your business work together to transmit your data when and where you need it. But cyber criminals see these solutions as a gateway to your sensitive data, and when left unchecked are vulnerable to damaging and costly data breaches.

Work with our expert security engineers to identify the vulnerabilities in your cloud attack surface–including malicious code and server weaknesses–that are at risk of being exploited. We’ll help secure your cloud by performing both dynamic code and static network analysis, and by recommending solutions that can identify risks in real-time.

With quarterly or semi-annual security reviews, our team will work with you to identify gaps in your coverage so that you get the most out of our threat analysis program.

Every review includes:

  • User access review
    Make sure that people on your team have the appropriate level of access.

  • Scanning & testing optimization
    We’ll take a look at the services you’re using to test the security of your attack surface and make recommendations.

  • Attack surface coverage analysis
    We’ll make sure our services are successfully identifying all of your internet-facing assets.

  • Identification of security gaps & highest risk issues
    We’ll look at the security threats found by our platform and provide recommendations for which should be remediated first.

The Security Review with Halo Security was both professional and valuable."

- Brian at The Plan Collection

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