Monitor Cookies

Keep track of the cookies used across your websites.

The increase in third-party apps and privacy regulations means there is more of a need to understand every cookie being set across all your sites. Easily detect and categorize cookies, and get alerted when values change with Halo Security.

Catalogue and Monitor
  • Third-party cookies
  • Expirations and categories
  • Secure and HttpOnly flags
  • Vendors and countries of origin

Use Cases

  • Maintain an up-to-date inventory of cookies

    Know the cookies used across all your websites.

  • Ensure secure implementation

    Make sure all cookies use appropriate flags.

  • Promote consistency and simplicity

    Identify anomalies and inconsistent cookie usage.

  • Know when cookie values changes

    Some cookies shouldn’t change. Get alerted if they do.

Part of our complete attack surface management solution.

The Halo Security platform gives you the tools you need to manage and monitor your external assets across vendors, organizational units, and subsidiaries.

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