Attack Surface Discovery

Discover your true attack surface.

Find and inventory your internet-facing assets, including unknown and forgotten websites, IPs, services, and applications.

You can’t defend the assets you don't know about.

Attackers are constantly searching for your assets that are easiest to compromise. Ensure you’re protected by getting a full view of all your exposed assets, including those you may have forgotten about.

Our discovery service automatically discovers and catalogs your internet-facing assets, regardless of platform, network or operating system, and creates a map of your external attack surface.

Discover and Inventory

Subdomains & Hosts

Leveraging hacker-driven discovery techniques, web crawling, and a diverse array of internet data sources, we automatically discover subdomains and hosts associated with your organization. Optional integrations with leading cloud providers like AWS, GCP, and Cloudflare allow you to automatically pull in asset details from the source.

Alive IPs

Robust network and port scanning techniques identify IPs and ports accessible on the internet, to help you ensure that no digital asset is left exposed inadvertently.

Connected Domains

Using a combination of internet data sources, web search capabilities, and advanced web crawling, we identify potentially unknown domains associated with your company. This includes subsidiary assets, as well as assets connected through mergers and acquisitions. The platform assigns a connected score to each discovered domain, providing valuable insights into the likelihood of these assets belonging to your organization. This comprehensive approach not only enhances your understanding of your digital footprint but also enables you to prioritize and address potential security risks effectively.

Shadow Infrastructure

In today's rapidly expanding cloud landscape, maintaining oversight over every digital asset can be daunting. Our platform specializes in uncovering shadow infrastructure – assets that may have gone unnoticed and should not be online. By leveraging advanced scanning techniques, we identify and highlight these hidden assets, empowering you to swiftly address security risks.

Know when new assets appear.

Discovery runs regularly, so you can quickly identify new hosts, websites, IPs, and domains as quickly as possible. With our event tracking system, you can easily audit when past changes occurred or configure real-time alerts via email, Slack, or your favorite ticketing tools.

Gain the attackers’ view of your internet-facing assets.

Agentless & production-safe.

We look at your organization from the outside. There’s nothing to install and nothing to configure.

See your data your way.

Our intuitive dashboard is easy to use, but gives you the flexibility you need to view and filter your data the way it makes sense to you.

Expert guidance every step of the way.

Our experts are here to help with every question you have, and provide the advice you need to thrive.

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