Website Scanning

Monitor the security posture of your websites.

Continuously track your certificates, HTTP headers, third-party scripts, and more with up-to-date data across all your websites.

While websites are essential to most businesses, they create security risks that attackers target. Strong security practices across your websites can help mitigate the effects of many types of attack. Website Scanning lets you easily look across your websites to assess the strength of security controls in place and ensure that your sites and users are protected.

Detect, catalog and monitor


Using up-to-date, valid encryption across your websites helps to ensure that visitors are protected while avoiding the multitude of vulnerabilities that weaker cipher versions create. Easily monitor SSL and TLS certificates and get alerted before they expire.

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Websites are reliant on JavaScript tags, often from third-party vendors. To understand your website risks, you need to have a clear picture of the different connections and evaluate vendors carefully. Easily track and monitor the scripts used across your websites.

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The increase in third-party apps and privacy regulations means there is more of a need to understand every cookie being set across all your sites. Easily detect and categorize cookies, and get alerted when values change.

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HTTP security headers are designed to protect against a wide range of common web attacks. With Halo Security, you can easily track the HTTP headers and policies used across all your websites to ensure that you’re doing all you can to protect your visitors.

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Protecting customer data starts with knowing where data is collected and stored. Discover the forms and the data collected across your websites.

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Track and monitor the downloadable content across your websites. Detect links to malware and phishing, and ensure downloads are served securely.

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Our advanced crawler identifies and catalogs links to external websites, helping you identify connected assets and links to malware and phishing content.

Traffic Hosts

Identify unexpected connections your website makes to external servers.

Meta Tags

See the meta tags set across your websites to contextualize assets and identify anomalies.


See what pages the crawler discovered. Identify unexpectedly large or slow loading pages and surprising response codes.

Know when things change.

Website Scanning runs on your schedule. Quickly identify when headers change, new scripts are added, and more. Assess and address unexpected or improperly implemented changes. With our event tracking system, you can easily audit when past changes occurred or configure real-time alerts via email, Slack, or your favorite ticketing tools.

Gain the attackers’ view of your websites.

Agentless & production-safe.

We look at your organization from the outside. There’s nothing to install and nothing to configure.

See your data your way.

Our intuitive dashboard is easy to use, but gives you the flexibility you need to view and filter your data the way it makes sense to you.

Expert guidance every step of the way.

Our experts are here to help with every question you have, and provide the advice you need to thrive.

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