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Monitor the security of your websites.

Track the security of your certificates, scripts, HTTP security headers and more across your websites.

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Track every certificate.

Using up-to-date, valid encryption across your websites helps to ensure that visitors are protected while avoiding the multitude of vulnerabilities that weaker cipher versions create. With Halo Security’s Website Monitoring, you can easily monitor SSL and TLS certificates and get alerted before they expire.

Detect & Monitor
  • Weak cipher versions
  • Expired and expiring certificates
  • Shared certificates
  • Issuers & country of origin

Evaluate every cookie.

The increase in third-party apps and privacy regulations means there is more of a need to understand every cookie being set across all your sites. Easily detect and categorize cookies, and get alerted when values change.

Detect & Classify
  • Third-party cookies
  • Expirations and categories
  • Secure and HttpOnly flags
  • Vendors and countries of origin

Ensure proper headers.

Easily track the HTTP security headers and policies used across all your websites to ensure that you’re doing all you can to protect your visitors.

Detect & Monitor
  • Content security policy
  • Strict transport security
  • Content type options
  • Frame options

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