Monitor SSL Certificates

Keep track of the SSL/TLS certificates used across your websites.

Using up-to-date, valid encryption across your websites helps to ensure that visitors are protected while avoiding the multitude of vulnerabilities that weaker cipher versions create. Easily monitor SSL and TLS certificates and get alerted before they expire with Halo Security.

  • Weak cipher versions
  • Expired and expiring certificates
  • Shared certificates
  • Issuers & country of origin

See how Halo Security makes it easy to monitor TLS certificates across your attack surface in this video.

Use Cases

  • Maintain an up-to-date inventory of certificates

    Know all the certificates and issuers that are in use across all your websites.

  • Identify insecure ciphers for removal

    Work through removing out-of-date and insecure cipher versions to maintain your certificate hygiene.

  • Know before certificates expire

    Easily see the expiration date timelines and get alerted before certificates expire.

  • Identify inappropriately shared certificates

    Make sure there are no unexpected values within shared certificates.

Part of our complete attack surface management solution.

The Halo Security platform gives you the tools you need to manage and monitor your external assets across vendors, organizational units, and subsidiaries.

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