Technology Scanning

Monitor the technologies you rely on.

Identify the third-party software, platforms, and infrastructure your external assets rely on.

Businesses increasingly look to third-party vendors and solutions to build better software and services. But keeping track of what you're running can be a challenge. Technology Scanning detects and catalogs the various platforms, libraries, software, and systems your external assets are running. Advanced fingerprinting allows better classification and version detection, helping you monitor what technologies you have in place.

Use Cases

  • Ensure technology versions are up to date.

    See obsolete versions as well as those with known vulnerabilities so you can apply necessary updates.

  • Increase consistency across assets

    View the different versions in use across assets and how they line up with recommended versions. This can help you verify patching is up to date and make it simpler to manage future updates.

  • Find unapproved technologies

    Easily acknowledge technologies you have approved for your environments within the platform and be alerted when new technologies are discovered.

  • Filter targets by technology

    Use technology detection to easily group assets based on the technology in use with auto-tags.

  • Address 0-day issues faster

    When new vulnerabilities are discovered, easily hunt for the related software and mitigate the issue faster.

Know when things change.

Technology Scanning runs on your schedule. Quickly identify when new technologies are discovered. With our event tracking system, you can easily audit when past changes occurred or configure real-time alerts via email, Slack, or your favorite ticketing tools.

Gain the attackers’ view of your technologies.

Agentless & production-safe.

We look at your organization from the outside. There’s nothing to install and nothing to configure.

See your data your way.

Our intuitive dashboard is easy to use, but gives you the flexibility you need to view and filter your data the way it makes sense to you.

Expert guidance every step of the way.

Our experts are here to help with every question you have, and provide the advice you need to thrive.

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