Use Cases

Evaluate mergers & acquisitions.

Halo Security gives you immediate visibility into the risk posture of potential M&A targets.

Agentless Scanning
Automated Asset Discovery
Extensive Risk Analysis
Expert Support

Gain an unfiltered view of the external risk of potential targets.

Bringing mergers and acquistions into the IT security fold takes time. Halo Security takes the attacker’s perspective to give you deep visibility into the external risk posture of potential acquisitions with no installation or configuration required.

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Discover their full attack surface.

Our automated solutions identify and catalog known and unknown domains, hostnames, and IP addresses exposed to the internet.

Automatically organize & group assets.

The rich data we collect brings you the context you need to understand what the asset is, what’s running on it, and who’s responsible for it.

  • Automatically tag and organize assets using advanced rule sets.
  • Easily assign segmented user access.

Measure & monitor risk across silos.

Track and rate the security posture of M&A targets.

  • Simple and consistent risk scores give you insight into the external security posture of these organizations.
  • Generate summary PDF reports for executive oversight.

Get much more than a product demo.

Let us show you a complete picture of your external attack surface. Our agentless, non-invasive technology allows us to bring you actionable insights from your very first demo.

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