Firewall Scanning

Know what’s available on your firewalls.

Get a complete picture of the ports and services accessible from the internet, so you can reduce the unnecessary exposures that attacker’s target.

Every service available on your firewall is another doorway to a potential breach. Monitoring and closing unnecessary ports can help reduce your attack surface, as well as the workload associated with cleaning up vulnerabilities that might exist on the services.

With Firewall Scanning, we highlight each type of service using risk indicators to help you prioritize which ones are exposing you to the greatest risk. And by consistently monitoring for new services coming online, you can make sure to put in the appropriate controls and scan them as necessary.

Detect, catalog and monitor

Open Ports

Our port scanning features allow you to easily catalog all of the open ports and services across your targets. We highlight which ports are not usually open to internet-traffic and that are known to pique the interest of potential attackers. Our scanners regularly check all 65,535 TCP ports, and the top 1,000 UDP ports.

But we don't just show you what ports are open. We identify the products and services that are located on them. For TLS-enabled services, we provide the ciphers in use so you can easily audit your configurations for anomalies or misconfigurations.

HTTP Servers

For HTTP servers, Firewall Scanning helps you identify potential misconfigurations and better understand the websites you own. We catalog the response codes, associated ports, HTTP headers, and geolocations, and note which servers have no website, redirect to another location, or have no CSS.

DNS Records

Maintaining good DNS hygiene helps organizations avoid potential domain takeovers and ensure third-party services are adequately accounted for. Firewall Scanning catalogs all the DNS records in use across your assets.

Whois Information

Whois information is provided to give you insights into the ownership of the assets.

Know when your configurations change.

Firewall Scanning runs on your schedule, so you can quickly identify when new ports are opened and assess whether the changes are authorized. With our event tracking system, you can easily audit when past changes occurred or configure real-time alerts via email, Slack, or your favorite ticketing tools.

Gain the attackers’ view of your internet-exposed ports and services.

Agentless & production-safe.

We look at your organization from the outside. There’s nothing to install and nothing to configure.

See your data your way.

Our intuitive dashboard is easy to use, but gives you the flexibility you need to view and filter your data the way it makes sense to you.

Expert guidance every step of the way.

Our experts are here to help with every question you have, and provide the advice you need to thrive.

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