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Find your server vulnerabilities with ease.

Server Scanning detects vulnerabilities, missing security patches and out-of-date software across all your external servers.

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Server security issues and misconfigurations make your business susceptible to costly breaches. That's why our Server Scanning helps you identify known security issues on your perimeter before cyber criminals do.

Our vulnerability database is constantly updated, helping you detect the latest vulnerabilities. In just minutes we’ll help you discover open ports, exposed services, missing security patches, and configuration weaknesses that put you at risk.

Once we discover your vulnerabilities, we'll let you know which are most critical to resolve, and help you remediate them quickly.

The TrustedSite team is extremely helpful with any questions we have with a quick response time. They take their time to make sure my questions have been fully answered and understood."

- Carrie Mckinzie-Massar, Information Security Manager at Alltran


Fit to your schedule

You can choose to have a scan daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly—or you can be scanned on demand.

Easy-to-understand reports

We'll help break down which vulnerabilities are affecting your domains or networks, how severe they are, and what you should do about them.

Instant alerts

As soon as a scan is finished, you'll receive a notification if any vulnerabilities are detected.

US based Support

Our support team is there when you need it most—by phone, chat or email.

Track your progress

See how many and what types of vulnerabilities you've dealt with in the past, and which ones still need your attention now.

Expiring acceptable risk

We'll help you avoid false-positives, saving you time by ensuring you'll only remediate true vulnerabilities.


Does this solution detect all known security issues?

This solution attempts to detect all known security issues based on the National Vulnerability Database (NVD). It is not possible to detect every security flaw since some may cause a server impact. We only allow non-intrusive detections, but provide you with potential risks that can be confirmed by working with our team.

Will the scan cause performance issues?

All vulnerability tests performed are non-intrusive in design, architecture and implementation. Our goal is to have no impact on your system while scanning it for vulnerabilities.

Can this solution scan any cloud asset?

Yes, any internet facing asset that has an IP or domain.

Vulnerability scanning has never been easier.

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