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Prevent subdomain takeovers

Halo Security automatically discovers subdomains and potential risks of takeover.

Continuous Subdomain Discovery
Agentless Scanning
Extensive Detection Library
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If you don't control your subdomains, attackers will.

With growing reliance on third-parties and cloud providers, it's never been easier to lose track of a subdomain in the software shuffle. But if attacker's take control, they can leverage it to not only threaten your brand, but also your most sensitive data.

Halo Security takes the attacker’s perspective to help you identify your full range of subdomains across clouds, third-party providers, and organizational silos.

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Discover every subdomain.

Traditional vulnerability scanning solutions rely on you entering the IP addresses you want to scan. But what about the assets you’re not aware of?

Like an attacker or experienced penetration tester, Halo Security starts by identifying every asset you own to help you ensure they are all secure.

Automatically detect subdomains at risk.

Our proprietary signature library checks for the potential of subdomain takeover on common platforms, like Amazon S3, Hubspot, Zendesk, and more.

Keep an eye on every subdomain.

Quickly preview the homepage of every subdomain you have to ensure they are consistent with your brand and haven't been compromised.

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Get much more than a product demo.

Let us show you a complete picture of your external attack surface. Our agentless, non-invasive technology allows us to bring you actionable insights from your very first demo.

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