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Achieve your security and compliance objectives.

High-quality reports from expert testers help you improve your security posture and meet compliance requirements.

Every Test Includes

Penetration Testing Report

A comprehensive report detailing the findings of the test.

Attestation Letter

A letter describing the test, perfect for fulfilling client requirements.

Remediation Dashboard

Manage discovered issues and track remedition progress.

Trusted by companies of all sizes

Dedicated to external penetration testing.

All pentests include full access to our security team and comprehensive reports.

Pricing starts at $4,975 per test.

  • Application Pentests

    Identify business logic and coding flaws within your custom-built applications.

  • Compliance Pentests

    Penetration testing specifically designed to comply with PCI DSS Requirement 11.3.

  • External Network Pentests

    Discover network weaknesses often based on vulnerability chaining techniques.

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Halo Security works hard to ensure they are doing everything they can to provide me with everything I need to have my site compliant and secure. Everyone I have worked with is friendly and knowledgeable."

Kara Stroder, Alpine Shop

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Halo Security was founded by veterans of industry leaders like Intel and McAfee who set out on a mission to help organizations understand and reduce digital risk. In 2002, they created one of the world’s first commercial website and web application vulnerability scanners. Halo Security now offers a complete line of products and services that help organizations protect the attack surface and build trust online.