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Attackers are hunting for your blindspots. Are you?

Attackers are constantly looking for the paths of least resistance to get inside businesses like yours. They don’t care about the assets that you’ve dedicated the most time and resources to secure, they’re often going after the ones that you’ve overlooked or forgotten about. Those are the assets more likely to have weak defenses, and therefore are the easiest and fastest to crack.

To stay ahead of the attackers and prevent a data breach, you have to eliminate any blindspots on your attack surface. But in today’s business world, that’s easier said than done. Organizations have hundreds, if not thousands, of internet-facing assets. With developers constantly creating new websites and services, mergers bringing in new assets from outside the organization, and marketers installing third-party scripts across websites, it’s nearly impossible to keep track of all the changes to the attack surface.

Traditional approaches to solve this problem fall short of providing a true solution. Penetration tests are expensive and time-consuming, so they’re usually only conducted on a yearly or biyearly basis. This means that when new vulnerabilities arise, it could be months or even years before they’re detected, in which time an attacker could do their damage completely under the radar.

Vulnerability scanning tools are important to use, but these aren’t specifically designed to discover external assets. If they do any external asset discovery at all (which many don’t), the results are mixed in with internal assets in the order of hundreds and thousands, so the assets that are actually the most at risk get lost in the shuffle.

Find every internet-facing asset with Halo Security’s attack surface management platform

Halo Security is specifically designed to help organizations discover the assets they are responsible for protecting. Our complete attack surface management platform provides a clear, comprehensive map of web security risks and vulnerabilities across the organization, and prioritizes risk by severity of the threat, allowing security teams to quickly see where remediation is needed most urgently. And since we monitor your attack surface map on a continuous basis, you can be confident that when issues arise, you’ll get alerted instantly.

Benefits of Halo Security

  • Prevent security threats from slipping under the radar

    Attack methods are constantly evolving, and new vulnerabilities can crop up at any time. Stay ahead of the next attack by continuously discovering and mapping your attack surface, and monitoring it for issues that leave your organization vulnerable.

  • Free up more time to focus on what matters most

    By automating attack surface discovery and monitoring, your team can spend less time looking for vulnerabilities, and more time reducing risk. Our platform checks your work for you, automatically retesting after issues have been remediated, and alerting you if any vulnerabilities remain.

  • Automatically detect highly exploitable vulnerabilities and risks

    Halo Security runs lightweight scans on open-source software and custom-built applications, including single page applications (SPAs) and RESTful APIs. We look for attack vectors like OWASP Top 10 Web Application Security Risks including SQL injection and cross-site scripting, as well as tens of thousands of common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs).

  • Take control of your data with advanced reporting

    With advanced reporting capabilities and clear visual dashboards, you can easily identify areas for improvement, track your progress over time and optimize your workflow. Download out-of-the-box reports or customize them to your needs for technical and compliance requirements.

  • Configure settings to fit your organizational structure and workflow

    Your account is fully customizable to meet your needs and preferences. Create a customized scan schedule that works with your timeline, configure user-level access privileges, and quickly scale testing services to thousands of assets. Optimize your workflow by integrating popular developer tools like Jira and ServiceNow.

  • Extend your security team at a fraction of the cost

    When you work with Halo Security, you get a partner focused exclusively on reducing your external risk. Our experienced team of security practitioners acts as an extension of your own team, always available to help validate results, discuss new vulnerabilities, and deep dive on any asset that’s exposed to the internet.

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